• Commitment to delivering outstanding and cost effective quality service.
  • Commitment to personal attention and communication.
  • Dedication to building winning relationships based upon first rate customer service and environmental compliance. 
  • A requirement to work with integrity and in an ethical manner. 
  • Promotion of proper technological innovation and sound decision making.
  • Respect for our employees, the development of their full potential and acknowledgment of their contribution 
  • Respect of the environment and for community well being.
  • Achieving financial excellence through continuous growth.

    Industries currently served:

  • Water sanitization and storage.
  • Food packaging and preservation.
  • Agricultural and Horticultural industry.
  • Outdoor recreational activities.
  • Disinfesting of drinking of water during disaster recovery, floods and emergency situations.
  • Safety and First Aid management.
  • Medical and Health Care.


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